About IAC

Aim of International Aviation College (IAC):

To produce Airline Pilots of International Standards and Quality.

Objective of International Aviation College (IAC):

To train the selected candidates from ab-initio stage to fully fledged Airline Pilots in level with Commercial Pilot's Licence, Multi-engine and Instrument Ratings of International Standards.

IAC becomes the first school in Thailand that provides MPL Training

The ICAO council adopted and accepted MPL in early 2006 with an applicable date of November 2006. The training is divided into 4 phases, i.e. core flying, basic, intermediate and advanced.

International Aviation College, working in close cooperation with Thai Flight Training Company (TFT) – a daughter company of Thai Airways International PCL, is very proud to become the first flying school in Thailand that launched its first Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) course in April 2010 for TFT. This becomes the 13th country in the world that provides MPL training.

Since April 2010 Thai Airways International PCL has already sent four batches of its MPL cadets via TFT to be trained at IAC. Batch 1 (4 cadets), Thailand’s first MPL cadets, graduated on 13 May 2011.   Batch 2 (4 cadets) graduated on 20 April 2012. Batch 3 (12 cadets) will graduate by the end of 2012. Batch 4 (14 cadets) has just celebrated its first solo and is planned to graduate in May 2013.

In possession of Airbus A320 fixed base simulator (A320 FBS), IAC is, to date, the only flying school in Thailand that is capable of training MPL cadets from Phase 1 through Phase 3.

Multi Crew Cooperation (MCC) and Jet Orientation Training (JOT) at IAC

In multi pilot aircraft (MPA) as used in all commercial airlines, you are flying the aircraft with other pilot. So you need a training on decision making, communication, tasks sharing, use of checklists, mutual supervision, teamwork, and support throughout all phases of flight under normal, abnormal and emergency situations.

IAC provides MCC and JOT on FBS A320.

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