Instrument Rating (IR)

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Instrument Rating (IR) course is a modular course arranged to fulfill the needs of pilots who their privileges are limited only to VFR, and wish to exercise the privilege in IMC.

The course is conducted in accordance with the standards and recommended practices as laid down by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and approved by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) – Thailand.


Hold PPL or CPL Licence with specific requirements

Course Outline

  • Ground Subjects 250 hours
  • Flight Training 17 hours
  • Flight Simulation Training 40 hours 

Course Fee

370,000 Thai Baht .  (Hotel accommodation and food are not included).


Approximately 18 weeks


The successful graduate will be:

  • Awarded the Instrument Rating Certificate from International Aviation College – Nakhon Phanom University
  • Entitled to apply for Instrument Rating from the Department of Civil Aviation – Thailand

International Aviation College, Nakhon Phanom University. contact Information