Learning Courses

Introduction thai language

Our core course CPL/ME/IR + MCC+JOT syllabus fulfills the ICAO requirements. In addition, our syllabus comprises a MCC and JOT conducted on a Fixed Base Simulator Airbus A320. Please find detailed information of our core course in specific course.

Qualification Requirements

  • Minimum: Secondary School / Grade 12 / Pre University
  • No gender restriction
  • Age : Not less than 17 years
  • No police record
  • Medically Fit (Medical ICAO Class 1 for CPL, Class 2 for PPL)

Place for Application

International Aviation College , Nakhon Phanom University , 129  M.6 Phoe-Tak Sub-district, Muang Nakhon Phanom 48000 Thailand Tel: +66 42531576  Fax: +66 42531574  E-mail: iac@npu.ac.th

Application Requirement

  • 4 standard passport sized photos
  • Identification card
  • House registration copy
  • Passport ( Foreigner only )
  • Application Form (can be downloaded from website)

Application Procedure

  • Contact IAC NPU, Nakhon Phanom at the address given above for application form and guidance.
  • Apply for the course with the documents mentioned above either by postal service or by email.

Our Unique Selling Proposition

IAC perhaps, will be the only one of its kind offering such elaborate training of International Standard at Economical Rates in the whole of Asia. The pilots trained at IAC will be World Class and will be eligible to fly in any part of the world.

Additional Courses Offered

In addition to the integrated course CPL/ME/IR + MCC + JOT mentioned above, IAC also offers modular courses as follows:

Our Set up

  1. Fleet of world class proven Trainer aircraft Diamond 40 and Diamond 42 (Made in Austria) and a specific aircraft for unusual attitude recovery training.
  • 6 DA40
  • 4 DA42
  • 1 Extra 300L for unusual attitude recovery training
  1. IAC is the only flying college in this part of the world to possess three types of Synthetic Trainers (Simulators) FNPT 1, FNPT 2 and the Airbus 320 Fixed Base Simulator (FBS).
  2. Highly experienced Flying Instructors are being employed to ensure the Highest Training Standards.
  3. Ground School has a dedicated team of highly experienced Instructors for Teaching Aviation Subjects.
  4. Very modern classrooms with matching world class High Tech Training Infrastructure.
  5. Computer Based Training facility (CBT) for interactive self training.
  6. The only college to impart MCC and JOT on FBS Airbus 320.

International Aviation College, Nakhon Phanom University. contact Information