Private Pilot Licence – Aeroplane

Objective:thai language

Private Pilot Licence (PPL) course is a modular course arranged to fulfill the needs of the flying-lovers.

The course is conducted in accordance with the standards and recommended practices as laid down by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), and approved by the Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) – Thailand.


  • Secondary School/Grade 12/ Pre University
  • Age not less than 18 years
  • Medical Assessment Class 2

Course Outline

  • Ground Subjects 115 hours
  • Flight Training 45 hours
  • Flight Simulation Training 5 hours

Course Fee

370,000 Thai Baht (Hotel accommodation and food are not included).


Approximately 12 weeks


The successful graduate will be:

  • Awarded the Private Pilot Licence  Certificate from International Aviation College - Nakhon Phanom University
  • Entitled to apply for Private Pilot Licence from the Department of Civil Aviation – Thailand

International Aviation College, Nakhon Phanom University. contact Information